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Our journey from acorn to oak is about growing into our destiny.

To help along that journey, The Sheltering Oak offers classes and events.

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The Tao of Meditation

Wednesday Mornings 10:00 – 11:30.
 This is a join us when you can class. No registration required.

Deepen your meditative practice, or begin one by joining us at Spirit United on Wednesday mornings. Our weekly gathering is to read, meditate and dialog on the profound wisdom found in the 2500 year old text of The Tao Te Ching. These 81 short, poetic sayings have offered relief, gentle guidance, and a pathway to inner peace for countless millions.  Each week we will begin with a few minutes of breath work to deepen our focus, read one of the sayings, and then bring these ancient words into a 30 minute silent meditation. Following the meditation we will join in an open discussion of the meaning as it relates to our lives today. Part of our discussion will also be about how to deepen our practice of silence and stillness. Ron began his meditative practice almost 40 years ago and will serve as guide and facilitator. Meets at Spirit United every Wednesday except holidays, 10:00 – 11:30. $20 per class. Parking is on the street in front or in the back.


11 Week  Healing Class Starting Tuesday Evening, January 26

To be in the world, to relate with the world, to be of service, healthy connections and safe boundaries are essential.  Together, we will investigate the energy fields of our body so that we can make allies of our feelings rather than enemies.  We will learn how to create and maintain a safe environment.  We will enhance our capacity to stand in our truth and speak our word.  We will learn about “grounding” and staying conscious so that we can make better decisions, and be more present to those around us.  Then we will learn hands-on energy techniques to enhance healing of emotional wounds.

Tuesday 7 – 9PM, January 26 – April 26.  May pay $30 per week, total fee $330 or $300 if paid at first class.  Open to all.  Required for Certification. Meets At Spirit United, 3204 Como SE, Mpls 55414

Blossoming Hearts –

        Meditations of Peace and Healing For Ourselves and Our World

        Are you ready to make a difference in our fractured world? Are you ready to deepen your spiritual practice and to also join with concerned others in weekly meditation for peace and healing?  Then Join us at Spirit United on Wednesday evenings, 7:00 – 8:30. After some centering, we will begin each session with a brief review of breath and movement practices that help deepen our meditation. Then we will do a series of guided and silent meditations designed to bring greater peace and healing to ourselves and to our world.

         While the focus will always be on peace and healing, each week will vary according to the current needs of the world and of those of us present. We will do world work and we will do a group meditation for the collective individual needs. Our guide is Ron Moor. Ron has been a practicing meditator for almost 40 years and has led and taught meditative practices across this country. Suggested donation $10 – $15.  All are welcome.


Mystery School Sundays at Spirit United

On the fourth  Sunday of the month we suspend our “regular” Sunday service and Ron offers a Mystery School Sunday. This is a more in depth exploration of the sub-theme for that month that follows the yearly theme. For this year the theme is Living Our Spirituality Through Presence, Practice, and Play.  The presentation usually includes sacred chant, luminous images, inspirational quotes, some open discussion and meditation. We close with a Dance of Universal Peace. We meet from 10:30 – 11:30 Sunday mornings.


Healer Certification and Minister of Healing Programs
The programs are built on a core of required weekly classes and Saturday intensives. These are designed to provide a strong grounding of knowledge and technique. Electives are also offered to give some choice in areas of special interest. Beyond subject matter, the programs are designed to deepen the process of internal growth that leads to a flowering of the student’s own specific interests and gifts.
HEALER CERTIFICATION: Requires completion of the 8 core healing classes, 7 intensives and an individualized apprenticeship.
MINISTER OF HEALING: In addition to the requirements listed under Healer Certification above, requires completion of the one year (4 – 11 week sessions) Spiritual Foundations class, 3 additional intensives, and a 600 – 1000 word ministerial thesis.

HEALING CLASSES: All healing classes meet for 2 hours once a week over an 11 week period. Class time is usually divided between lecture/discussion and mastering hands-on healing techniques.
Foundations of Healing. The basic class. Opening to the subtle energy system of the body, enhancing the capacities to channel healing energy, and learning the basic, full body technique of hands-on healing.
Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Connections. Creating a safe, caring healing environment and ethos. Working with emotional issues (second chakra), building a stronger immune system.
Healing the Wounded Heart. Opening to the imagination and the intelligence of the heart. Learning of the illnesses of the heart, cancer and heart disease. Learning specific hands-on techniques.
The Sound and Silence of Healing. Developing the throat center to create healing sounds and combining with Matrix Healing techniques. Working with altered states of consciousness.
Ceremonies of Healing, Rituals of Life. Learning the elements of ritual to enhance hands on healing and weaving the two together. Learning the Healing Wheel Ritual technique.
Past Life Healing and Spiritual Counseling. Working with negatively-charged personal and trans-personal experiences. Working beyond the normal limits of space-time. Advanced students only.
 Healer Practicum. Working under supervision in the classroom with non-student clients facing severe health challenges. Advanced students only. Two practicums are required.

SPIRITUAL FOUNDATIONS: A unique one year course of study consisting of four 11 week quarters that is offered annually beginning in January. We will study and re-experience the evolution of human spiritual consciousness, from the first shamanistic stirrings in early humans to the present and beyond. Our goal is to reclaim and restore our lost spiritual heritage so that we have a solid foundation for the newly emerging spiritual consciousness.
The 4 quarters are titled: Claiming Our Shamanic Legacy – ALL IS SPIRIT; The Temple Mysteries of the Great Goddess – AS ABOVE, SO BELOW; The Gnostic Jesus and the Three Marys – RECOVERING THE SACRED FEMININE; The Call to Our High Destiny – WINGS OF INDIVIDUATION. Required for Minister of Healing, open to anyone dedicated to their own spiritual growth.
THE INTENSIVES: Intensives usually meet Saturdays, focusing on a specific informational core that leads to a deeper understanding. They are highly experiential. The first 7 are required for Certification, the last 3 for Ordination.
Body Symbology – Language of the Soul. Opening to the poetic language of our psyche, including the symbols and metaphors of our body, of our illnesses and of our spirit. Required.

Job’s Healers – Working With Depression. Understanding the deeper currents of depression so that we may be of assistance to those so afflicted. Required.

The Eye And The Crown. Opening to the powers of the third eye and the crown chakra. Learning to work with 3 “spirit guides” that can assist us as seekers and healers. Required.

Unto Death – Working With The Dying. Learning how to be of service to those making their transition and to the community around them. Required.

The Living Flame of Spiritual Law. The world’s wisdom traditions have always taught the sacred code of creation. Learn how to use them in your life today. Required.

The Healing Jesus. How did the greatest healer in history do what he did? Why did he say “Greater works shall ye do”? What can we learn that will guide us? Required.

The Animal Powers of Your Totem. Learning the animal nature of your chakras to open to the deeper understanding of your own, unique abilities. Required.

Sacred Ministry. Exploring the “Call” of the ministry, it’s responsibilities and it’s duties. Performing the basic rites of ministry such as weddings, funerals and christenings. Required for Minister of Healing Ordination.

The Quest for the Holy Grail. An explosion of mystical spirituality blossomed in Europe 800 years ago, culminating in the stories of the Holy Grail that call to us for spiritual renewal in our time. Required for ordination.

The Resonant Soul – An Introduction to The I Ching and Tao Te Ching. Much of the Wisdom of the East is contained in these two classics. The I Ching dates to 3,000 BC and gave birth 2,500 years later to The Tao Te Ching, a masterpiece of spiritual literature. Both ancient texts have the power to lead us deep into the Mystery of Knowing. Required for ordination.

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