Certification & Ordination

Healer Certification and Minister of Healing Programs
The programs are built on a core of required weekly. These are designed to provide a strong grounding of knowledge and technique. Beyond subject matter, the programs are designed to deepen the process of internal growth that leads to a flowering of the student’s own specific interests and gifts.
HEALER CERTIFICATION: Requires completion of the 8 core healing classes.
MINISTER OF HEALING: In addition to the requirements listed under Healer Certification above, requires completion of the one year (4 – 11 week sessions) Spiritual Foundations class and a 600 – 1000 word ministerial thesis.
HEALING CLASSES: All healing classes meet for 2 hours once a week over an 11 week period. Class time is usually divided between lecture/discussion and mastering hands-on healing techniques.
Foundations of Healing. The basic class. Opening to the subtle energy system of the body, enhancing the capacities to channel healing energy, and learning the basic, full body technique of hands-on healing.
Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Connections. Creating a safe, caring healing environment and ethos. Working with emotional issues (second chakra), building a stronger immune system.
Healing the Wounded Heart. Opening to the imagination and the intelligence of the heart. Learning of the illnesses of the heart, cancer and heart disease. Learning specific hands-on techniques.
The Sound and Silence of Healing. Developing the throat center to create healing sounds and combining with Matrix Healing techniques. Working with altered states of consciousness.
Ceremonies of Healing, Rituals of Life. Learning the elements of ritual to enhance hands on healing and weaving the two together. Learning the Healing Wheel Ritual technique.
Past Life Healing and Spiritual Counseling. Working with negatively-charged personal and trans-personal experiences. Working beyond the normal limits of space-time. Advanced students only.
Healer Practicum. Working under supervision in the classroom with non-student clients facing severe health challenges. Advanced students only. Two practicums are required.

SPIRITUAL FOUNDATIONS: A unique one year course of study consisting of four 11 week quarters that is offered annually beginning in January. We will study and re-experience the evolution of human spiritual consciousness, from the first shamanistic stirrings in early humans to the present and beyond. Our goal is to reclaim and restore our lost spiritual heritage so that we have a solid foundation for the newly emerging spiritual consciousness.
The 4 quarters are titled: Claiming Our Shamanic Legacy – ALL IS SPIRIT; The Temple Mysteries of the Great Goddess – AS ABOVE, SO BELOW; The Gnostic Jesus and the Three Marys – RECOVERING THE SACRED FEMININE; The Call to Our High Destiny – WINGS OF INDIVIDUATION. Required for Minister of Healing, open to anyone dedicated to their own spiritual growth.